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Manipulator, actuator, controller, and everything about robots.

ADRA™ Series Actuator

Integrated High-Performance Harmonic Reducer Actuator
Dual GMR+TMR hybrid position detection technology that is remarkably more cost-efficient. Up to 90% of parts are produced in-house.

UTRA™ Series Modular Robot

The Umbratek UTRA series is one of the most affordable manipulators on the market in the world.
Modular design allows for fast and low-cost customization.

OPTI™ Series Collaboration Arm

Cooperative manipulator with redundant degrees of freedom.
The lightweight design of carbon fiber is safer and easier to deploy. More popular for business and home scenes.

Customized Service

Manipulator, actuator, controller, servo drive, motor, reducer and so on, we can provide customized parts of all robots.
The factory has a production capacity of over 2 million/y (servo motor).
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Powering the Future of Robotics

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