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New beginnings. Endless possibilities. 
Who we are
The future is already here. At Umbratek, we can see it. 
Our vision and ideas are inspired by the desire to solve problems and help people become better versions of themselves. We want to lift the burden of modern life, but we also want something else. 
We dont just build for functionality; we design for aesthetic beauty. 
We consider ourselves ‘artineers’.  We combine art with engineering; as such, every motor, driver, and sensor is our canvas, our pride, and joy.   
Who we want to be  
We focus on high-performance dynamic robots and robot control systems. Since Umbrateks inception, we have spent our time developing simplified, customizable, and affordable robotics to meet our consumers’ needs and for potential needs going forward. Our robotics solutions provide fresh energy to an already advanced industry, and we hope to be a trusted aid in industrial automation, logistics, agriculture, and many more fields. Together, our possibilities are endless. 
Our Culture
We focus on the individual. We look to satisfy consumer demands with premium user experiences.  
We look for the most talented and capable people to build our extraordinary team. We know that our people are the center of our excellence and progress.  
We understand that smooth and transparent communication is fundamental to building trust. Both internally as a team and in support of our clientele, we provide clear and transparent communication at all times.  
Our team is united in our drive for excellence, and we desire to turn our ideas perfectly into reality. 
We also believe in happiness driving personal potential. Being robotics buffs, we find pleasure in the work that we do.  
We dare to reach. Innovation comes when tradition is challenged. Compatibility means average. We break the rules to achieve perfection.  
Vision Statement
At Umbratek, we want to challenge the status quo and bring the joy of technological innovation to everyone.  
We want to become a world-leading enterprise in the field of dynamic robotics and control systems. We want to continue to explore the limits of the world we live in, develop cutting-edge technologies, and deliver that knowledge and technology to those that need it. 
We know that the people we work with define our success.  
We understand that each individual has a say and that individual helps to build the collective community. 
We offer you the chance to define your own success. 
We give you the chance to make a difference.  
At Umbratek, we are a team of robotic buffs who have a dream to change the world. We innovate. We create. If you feel you are the type of person who fits that mold – a person who likes to collaborate and communicate with the team and who has a hunger to succeed, we are the right fit for you. We want you.

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