The series name is UTRA. The first number before the hyphen represents the number of axis, and the number represents the reach. 

UTRA 4-450S

UTRA Series name 
4 number of axis 
450 length of reach in mm.

Yes, the optional ratios are 30:1, 50:1, 100:1, 120:1, 160:1 (not applicable for some models). Please check the technical data as reference.

Many factors affect the working life of a robotic arm.

The life span of a robotic arm is mainly affected by the actuator’s reducer. The payload and speed of movement during tasks have the most significant impact on the reducer and the robotic arm. If the robot is pushed to its upper limits during a programmed task, will reduce working life. 

Tested in laboratory conditions at 30% of the arm’s maximum rated torque and speed levels, our reducer has a service life of over 10,000 hours.

Aviation aluminum and carbon-fiber.

The payload ranges from 3 to 20kg. Please, check The UTRA Series section for more specifications.

Yes. The UTRA Series models are tested at full reach.

The maximum reach of the UTRA series is 1500mm as a standard model (UTRA 6-1500), but the arms can be customized to meet customer requirements.


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