Light-weight Modular Robots

UTRA Customization

Flexible configuration of Payload, Reach and Degree of freedom. Quickly build a customized robot solution.
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UTRA 4-450S

Weighing in at 6.5kg, the UTRA 4-450S Scara model has a payload of up to 3kg, a reach of 450mm, and a repeatability of ±0.1mm making it perfect for small assembly applications.

UTRA 6-550

Horizontally mounted, the UTRA 6-550 6-axis model has a payload of up to 3kg, a reach of up to 550mm, and a repeatability of ±0.1mm making it perfect for small assembly applications.

UTRA 6-850

The UTRA 6-850 6-axis model has a payload of up to 5kg, a reach of up to 850mm, and a repeatability of ±0.1mm. Weighing in at 13kg, It can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall. Perfectly adaptable for multiple production floor scenarios.

UTRA 6-1000

The UTRA 6-1000 6-axis model has a weight of 16kg giving it a showed in it’s increase payload ability – up to 10kg. It also has a reach of up to 1000mm, and a repeatability of ±0.1mm. The arm gives you increased power and reach allowing for task requiring more weight bearing.

UTRA 6-1500

The tyrannosaurus of Umbratek UTRA series weighing in at 28kg, this beast is capable of a 15kg payload, a reach of 1500mm, and a repeatability of ±0.1mm. The UTRA 6-1500 gives you the power and strength you need.


UTRA Family


Umbratek Studio gives you a direct-viewing and user-friendly interactive graphic interface. Create entire tasks in no time, then quickly adapt your tasks, and reuse or deploy on multiple robots to reduce setup costs dramatically.

You can easily teach UTRA where to go by dragging it to the desired position along a desired path. Umbratek Studio will record and program that process for later use. 

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About Our Modular Design

Robots are fantastic. They really are.
But until now, they’ve been bulky, expensive, complicated to set up, and – after all those obstacles – had pretty limited functions. 
We’ve been listening for a while now to people’s complaints about the stress of selecting a proper robot that meets their needs. Most of them ended up compromising with an existing standard model that only ‘kind of’ meets their requirements. 
Then they go back and adjust their solutions based on the robot model they chose to reach their goal. We hope to change that problematic situation. So we’ve come up with a concept – modular design – which makes our robots customizable, easy-to-assemble, and truly affordable.

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