UTRA 6-850 Robot


  • Weight:13kg
  • Payload:5kg
  • Reach:850mm
  • Repeatability:±0.1mm
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Robots are fantastic. They really are.

But until now, they’ve been bulkyexpensivecomplicated to set up, and – after all those obstacles – had pretty limited functions.

So we’ve come up with a concept – modular design – which makes our robots customizableeasy-to-assemble, and truly affordable.



With our robotic innovations, we want to help satisfy the demand for 24/7 productivity and provide businesses large and small with a solution to enhance production efficiency.










Umbratek Studio gives you a direct-viewing and user-friendly interactive graphic interface. Create entire tasks in no time, then quickly adapt your tasks, and reuse or deploy on multiple robots to reduce setup costs dramatically.




  • Our Studio supports Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux.



  • Our SDK supports Python, C, C++, MATLAB, ROS, Stm32, and Arduino.


The modular design of the UTRA series allows flexible configuration of payload, reach, and degrees of freedom. A lightweight structure made from high-strength carbon fiber and aviation aluminum, the UTRA arm’s new technology architecture is durable and cost-effective. And with a weight to payload ratio of 0.75, you can build your own business solutions quickly.





The UTRA series is suitable for a wide variety of manufacturing operations. Anywhere discrete parts need to be loaded into or removed from a machine is a potential application. Machining, molding, and stamping processes are only some of the situations where using a robot can increase capacity, cut costs, and improve safety.



The UTRA Series comes complete with:

  • UTRA Arm (preassembled)
  • NTRO Series controller box
  • WiFi Antenna
  • I/O Connector
  • Power cable, RJ45 cable, and end-tool cable
  • Quick-start manual




At Umbratek, we take pride in our attention to detail. Although we supply robotics at affordable prices, we care about the quality that we provide our customers.






Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 73 × 49 × 47.5 cm
Motion Controller

NTRO AC Motion Controller, NTRO DC Motion Controller, Without Motion Controller

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