• Slim Type(Cup Type Flexspline)
  • 110 N.m. Max Torque
  • Repeatability: ±0.002  ˚
  • 28 RPM Rated Speed
  • Harmonic Reducer
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*The first wave of our products would be available in the middle of July, with a limited amount of supply. The official selling starts in early September and customers could contact us for ordering details.

Driving the revolutionary UTRA series is Umbratek’s ADRA series Actuator. Each ADRA Actuator is built to last and comes with a high-precision harmonic reducer made of high-strength aviation aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel.

A high-torque density, and compact structure enable the motor to be integrated into the actuator and lessens the actuator weight.

Each actuator is fitted with high-performance servo drivers, which use field-oriented control, to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, reverse connection, undervoltage ESD, short-circuiting, and rotor lock. The ADRA series also uses dual GMR+TMR hybrid detection technology and comes with a 16-bit off-axis multi-turn absolute encoder.





Umbratek’s ADRA series actuators, integrating with harmonic reducer, can meet multiple requirements and be appliable to many tasks. It can not only build up a robot arm, quadruped robot, and humanoid robot, but also be used in industrial automation, logistic system, agricultural machinery, and so much more.


Umbratek Assistant

Umbratek Assistant offers a user-friendly graphic menu operating system with a real-time graphic display.

It gives you intuitive control of your ADRA series actuators.



The ADRA Series HR Actuator comes complete with:

  • ADRA HR Actuator (size dependent on order)
  • Power cable and communication cable



At Umbratek, we take pride in our attention to detail. Although we supply robotics at affordable prices, we care about the qualitythat we provide our customers.








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Weight 2 kg

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