HR-Type High Performance Actuators


Power System

Model Definition

Example. HR-A56-35-100-RN-HBN

About ADRA Series HR Type

Driving the revolutionary UTRA series is Umbratek’s ADRA Actuator series.
Each ADRA Actuator is built to last and comes with a high-precision harmonic reducer made of high-strength aviation aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel.
A high-torque density, and compact structure, enable the motor to be integrated into the actuator and lessens the actuator weight. Each actuator is fitted with high-performance servo drivers, which use field-oriented control, to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, reverse connection, undervoltage ESD, short-circuiting, and rotor lock. The ADRA series also uses dual GMR+TMR hybrid detection technology and comes with a 16-bit off-axis multi-turn absolute encoder.

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